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Want to try the "Earn $50 in 1 Day" Strategy?
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Once you have worked it and set it in motion you can add
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and continue to earn
from it using 
this page to get referrals and sales. 

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There will be a link to a video
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Great job! 

Ok, continue to build your downline and leverage
5 levels deep through GDI.

This is important to build a leveraged income. Why?
Because you will build your team many levels down
and you will discover the power of duplication just as 
you will learn more about this in this training by Ellie:

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This is Ellie Murphy's Full Strategy
In her Own Words: 

One of the things I love to do is teach people about strategies. Often it is the way a site is used, or a small set of steps that makes all the difference.

Here is a strategy that will allow you to earn $50 in one day using a free to join account:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is register for the free account.  We are using Guaranteed Downline Club for this.

Please Click Here To Join Guaranteed Downline Club

After you sign up you must complete your profile.  
You can do that here: https://www.guaranteedownlineclub.com/user/edit-profile

After completing that you will have earned the first $5.  

Step 2

Next you need to join some traffic websites.  Here are a few that I specifically recommend for this strategy: 

Ad Exchange Leads

For a free $50 ad package Use Promo Code welcome

Elite Traffic Team

For a free $50 ad package use promo code Elite Team

Website Traffic Rewards

You will get a free ad package using promo code My Rewards
You will also earn $0.10 per day on this site just for logging in. 
You should use this cash to upgrade your account as soon as possible
That will double your login earnings to $0.20 per day and give you a lot more ads.

Easy Hits 4U

You should aim to surf 100 pages here each day (it doesn’t take long).  That will get you plenty of ad credits.  Remember to claim the prizes you get on every 25 – 50 pages.

Hungry for Hits

You should aim to surf at least 150 pages here each day (play the games for extra cash and ads).  IMPORTANT – You should use your piggy bank cash to purchase reserve page views.  This will get you a lot more views of your landing page (which means more referrals and cash). You can move your commission balance to your piggy bank for 20% bonus as well.

Infinity Traffic Boost

You will get paid for every 10 pages you surf on here, so the more you do the better!


For those who prefer to do so, you can purchase low cost advertising packages on these last 3 sites instead of surfing for ad credits.

Step 3

On each of the traffic sites you should promote a capture page like mine.  You can get a copy of mine by joining Leadsleap for free:

Click Here to Join Leadsleap

After joining Leadsleap click on My Landing Pages and click on the blue button which says Add a New Campaign. In the box that pops up name it Earn $50 in 1 Day. Click the blue Add Now button.

Use this code to copy my page into your account: TSwGNWGU

Do this by clicking on the + symbol as shown below. A box will pop up and choose the option Import Using A Share Code. Copy the code across and click the blue Import Now button.

Click on the Launch Editor Button (highlighted in red). You need to link this page to an email list by doing this:

Click on the add a new list button (shown in image below).

Login again to Leadsleap.

Click the blue add a list button.

Name it Earn $50 in 1 Day, and click add now button.

After adding the list, click on the blue Get List ID button, then select the new email list from the popup page.

You have now linked the landing page to this email list.

Click on the activate page button, and copy the new page link as shown:

To make sure your page is working paste the url into a new browser tab. You should see a copy of the page you entered your own details into to request the $50 in 1 day information.

I highly recommend inserting your own email address on the form to check that is working correctly as well. (Your email will appear on the email list if it works correctly).

Step 4

Now you need to activate the email list itself.

Click on My Lists in the side menu on Leadsleap.

On the my lists page you will see the list you created. Click on the set up this list button:

You need to fill in a few details on the form:

The list name should be Earn $50 in 1 Day.

You do not need to enter a redirect url (but you can add a Facebook group link etc)

When you have activated the list it will accept email addresses from the landing page you created.

Step 5

Now you need to add a copy of the email that was sent to you into the email list. This will automatically get sent to your subscribers. It is this email that will work to continually build your income when you promote the landing page on traffic sites.

To do this click on customize welcome email on the My Email Lists page, then the little blue edit icon.

Take an exact copy of the email that was sent to you and paste it into the email box. Remember to delete the text that is already in the box first. Replace your name with this: ~firstname~

Use subject line: This Is Your Guide to Earning $50 in 1 Day

Update the links in this email with your own referral links for each site.  

Click on the blue save changes button.

How Does This Earn $50 in 1 Day?

When you promote the landing page from leadsleap you will get new subscribers to your email list. These subscribers will automatically be sent a copy of the email you copied into the system (updated with your referral links).

The email will generate referrals on Guaranteed Downline Club – you earn $0.50 for each referral that you get.  You will ALSO earn $0.50 from referrals that your team members get and pass up.  This pass up system means with just a couple of referrals your earnings can start to build really fast.  The more referrals you get the faster you will earn. 

For example, if you get 10 referrals in total, you will have 5 people in your downline. 5 get passed to your upline BUT you get many more referrals from your downline. When your 5 downline members each get 10 referrals in total you will then have 25 passed up to you. You will also get pass up referrals from those 25 people.

It is because of the pass up system that you can earn $50 in 1 day from this free account. In fact you can earn a lot more….. The more people you have in your downline the faster this system becomes.

Bonus Income

In addition to the earnings from Guaranteed Downline Club, you will ALSO earn commission and ad credits when your referrals join the traffic sites above.  

This makes it a very powerful system that allows you to earn $50 and much much more in a single day.  It may take a few days to get your first active team members, but after that the faster the earning becomes. 

Note that I got over 100 new subscribers in 1 day by sharing the landing page on traffic sites.

To keep increasing your daily earnings all you need to do is share your landing page on more traffic sites.  Everything else works on complete auto pilot…..

You can even get auto pilot traffic as you build this system. Read more about that here: How I use Hungry for Hits to Automate my Team Building

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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We look forward to working with you! 



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